Make money on your packaged software.

No need to use your own licensing software / hosting, we do it for you here. Use the Dashboard or our API to manage your licensing -- If you have a billing system, use one of our plugins to automate the process (Coming Soon).

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  • Your Licenses, in the cloud

    No matter if your website is down, your licensing system will be up and ready for you to manage your licenses so you can focus on getting your website back online.

  • Eliminate costly servers / bandwidth

    The more licenses you sell, the more costly your server would be... Not with us! We do the hosting part with a fixed price so that you don't have to worry about your own servers suffering bandwith spikes.

  • Easy as pie

    Our Dashboard is crazy simple to use and makes it easy to see your licenses, create licenses, suspend licenses, set an expiry date on a license, set limits and much more! We also offer an API for more advanced developers if you require it.

  • Support when you need it

    Support is free for all plans so that you can get the help you need quickly and easily. We also offer a full API documentation so you don't need to guess how our API works, we tell you everything you need to know and open-source our sample code for many programming languages.

30-day money-back guarantee on all of our plans.

Create a free account and try us out in your business. You can upgrade / downgrade at any time to suit your needs.

  • Create your Account

    Create a free account easily and login to your Dashboard. Its as simple as that to manage your licensing.

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  • Create a Product

    Tell us about your first product and grab your API Keys to hook up your application.

  • Create a License Type

    Define a group of licenses with your custom restrictions. You could create a "Beta" license and a "Standard" license and sell them different with different restrictions.

  • Make Money

    Start selling your licenses by creating them manually, using our API or by using one of our Billing System plugins to automate the process (Coming Soon)

Cheap and Cheerful

Our packages make it easy for you to choose exactly what you need. You can Upgrade or Downgrade at any time.

  • Free

    • FREE /yr
    • 1 Product
    • 2 License Types per product
    • 25 Licenses overall
    • Free Support
  • Basic

    • £50 /yr
    • 5 Products
    • 10 License Types per product
    • 250 Licenses overall
    • Free Support
  • Pro

    • £200 /yr
    • Unlimited Products
    • Unlimited License Types per product
    • 10,000 Licenses overall
    • Free Support
  • Enterprise

    • £500 /yr
    • Unlimited Products
    • Unlimited License Types per product
    • Unlimited Licenses overall
    • Free Support (Priority)

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